AMiA - Autonomous care assistance driven by AI





AMiA – Autonomous care assistance driven by AI


AMiA is the name of our self-driving robot
equipped with AI.
It is able to watch over patients,
to communicate with them and to establish
communication with caregivers.

This is AMiA

AMiA is an autonomous care assistant. It is self driving and it is able to look after patients, to warn them of dangerous situations, to recognize a fall or an emergency, and to establish communication between caregiver and patient via telepresence. The AMiA recognition services are enabled by AI.

AMiA in Action

AMiA enables telepresent caregiver-patient communication

AMiA – new care order

AMiA changes

AMiA can improve inpatient care and
can enable follow-up care in a private environment.
Autonomous care assistance by Inferics.


AMiA – what you get

Autonomous care assistance
  • Whatch over patients

  • Communicate with patients

  • Enable telepresent caregiver-patient communication

  • Improve inpatient care

  • Enable follow-up care in a private environment


AMiA – Autonomous care assistance by Inferics

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