GPU Technology Conference

We would like to welcome you at our booth at the GPU Technology Conference in Munich, 9-11- Oct 2018. Our collegue Michel Findeisen will give a talk "Self-Aware Spaces: Developing Scene Understanding With Hemispherical 3D Vision ad AI".




We let daily environments interact intelligently with people using artificial intelligence: At home, at work, on travel, and at leisure. Our solutions enable buildings and spaces to understand situations and to serve people optimally: Assist, guide, help, protect and comfort residents and visitors. We supply intelligent building core technologies like situational sensors, sensor networks, and cloud-based data analysis. Benefits of our solutions are:

  • Home safety and security (automatic fall and immobility detection, intrusion detection and alarming)
  • Work safety (incident prevention and emergency detection)
  • Public building security (critical crowd measurement, evacuation, entrance and passage control)
  • Human-Building interface (gesture and voice commands to control appliance, entertainment and building services like elevator dispatching)

Our products intelligize buildings and spaces by letting them perceive and understand situations with intelligent sensors and the latest artificial intelligence technologies, by inferring required services and by deriving commands to actors.

We integrate spaces into the Internet of Things, end-to-end.


Situation Sensor and Assistant. Artificial Intelligence Powered Omnidirectional 3D Sensor. Perimeter 3D capturing and artificial model-based understanding of peoples situations in spaces. Large area coverage, all possible poses, and it tolerates partial occlusion. Sensorial view with multi-stereo perspectives. The whole space is covered by 3D-measurement and pose estimation. Data sheet


2D version of the Patronusens sensor system. Especially designed for more simple applications like detection of people's presence, queue length measurement, facial expression, gender/age estimation, gesture recogniction and 2D motion analysis. The privacy is always preserved through edge artificial data processing (this holds also for the 3D sensor system). Data sheet

Patronusens® Bank application - Banking and working safe and securely

Bank self-service areas are unattended and small bank branches are often only occupied by a single employee. In any health emergency case of customers or employees, there is no backup person calling the ambulance or police. Patronusens detects critical situations like people fall and collapse and release an alarm. Security problems caused by loitering people and vandalism in the self-service area are detected by Patronusensas well. Additional functions like people counting and queue length measurement can be added. The Patronusens-Sensor is ceiling-mounted and connected via a mobile network. In case of an incident, it releases an alarm message via LAN, W-LAN or mobile network. More information ...


Residential spaces

Immediate help in emergency situations

Reliable intrusion detection in empty and inhabitated spaces

Work environment

Incident prevention

Emergency detection

Public buildings

Critical crowding prevention

Evacuation guidance

Entrance/passage control

Human-Building interface

Gesture/voice commands

Pro-active control of climate conditioners

Efficient elevator dispatching