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About us

Intelligent Objects – Intelligent Buildings – Intelligent Spaces – Embedded Artificial Intelligence – Ambient Assisted Living

The Inferics GmbH was founded in 2018 with the vision to intelligize objects: Programming and embedding artificial intelligence algorithm into products. Soon it was clear that the idea would take us into other fields: Intelligent spaces, intelligent buildings, ambient assisted working and living. Today, we are a small team that deals with the daily tasks of companies and institutions that want to integrate artificial intelligence into their modern business.





The inferics® platform intelligizes products, buildings and spaces by letting them perceive and understand situations with intelligent sensors and the latest artificial intelligence technologies by inferring required services and by deriving commands to actors. We integrate spaces into the Internet of Things, end-to-end.

Our core algorithm: inferics® platform

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At the heart of our work, there is an algorithm – the inferics® platform. To be precise, it is not a heart, but a brain. A brain for products. This algorithm is “artificial intelligence” (AI) that gives products the ability to adapt so they can live with us, make our work easier, provide us with support. Not only in our personal, but also our professional lives. Our development work focuses on the areas of ambient assisted living and ambient assisted working. We are writing the story of the future.
We work with partners who require artificial intelligence for their technical product. We develop product ideas and look for partners who can use them. We seek institutions that want to improve their performance through innovation. And we are looking for your questions.
The inferics® platform is a living algorithm. It is intelligent and can be trained. From postures (passive/unconscious commands) to gestures (active commands) and situations (sequences of postures or gestures), its neural network is constantly growing.
We’d like to be inspired by you – bring us your challenge: Please contact us.

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Use cases & fields

Detection of falls, akinesia and emergency situations

The detection of falls and persons lying on the floor is an essential application to support elderly people living in their homes by themselves. Falls often causes significant injuries and the patients are not able to make an emergency call any more. Therefore automatic detection of such situations will improve safety and comfort in private and public living areas. Alarm messages will be combined with speech recognition and automatic phonecalls.

Bank application – Banking and working safe and securely

Bank self-service areas are unattended and small bank branches are often only occupied by a single employee. In any health emergency case of customers or employees, there is no backup person calling the ambulance or police. Patronusens detects critical situations like people fall and collapse and release an alarm. Security problems caused by loitering people and vandalism in the self-service area are detected by Patronusensas well. Additional functions like people counting and queue length measurement can be added. The Patronusens-Sensor is ceiling-mounted and connected via a mobile network. In case of an incident, it releases an alarm message via LAN, W-LAN or mobile network.

Retail shopping cart tracker

The shopping cart tracker detects if a shopping cart leaves a shopping area through the market entrance instead of through the checkout. This is important as the entrances become wider and free of gates. It is a single integrated system, which tracks shopping carts, releases a speech message to remind of using the checkout and gives a light/sound signal to shop staff in the case of an alarm.

Occupational safety and health

PatronuSens® sees joint points and perceives the dangerous situation via its neural network and alerts.

The contactless patron enables help without having to wear a device on the body via its intelligence.

Care for the elderly

Under construction

PatronuSens® - Sicher. Sorglos. Selbsbestimmt.

Under construction

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